Genelle King Heim
2 min readDec 27, 2023

The first time I understood the power of timing, I was standing outside of a conference room next to an executive who told me to

wait before going in.

There was a roomful of people in there and I would never dream of making them wait.

But he did.

Nothing was said, nothing was done.

But this manufactured lateness let everyone know who was in charge.

Most people are either chronically late or habitually on time.

They are unaware of the impact of timing.

It’s part of their personality, who they are.

They don’t think about the subtle ways that influence can be yielded.

Here are 3 easy ways to increase your influence:

1. Back up a Colleague

The next time you are in a meeting, back up a co-worker. “I agree with what John said, he makes a good point about pricing.” It doesn’t take much, and they won’t forget it.

2. Don’t Oversell

When you get the answer you want, stop talking. If someone says yes, or no, or whatever answer it is you are looking for, stop talking. You have been influential enough to get the outcome you desired, don’t undermine yourself or give them a chance to rethink by selling past the close.

3. Take The Advice

There’s no better feeling than hearing that someone followed your advice. Listen to the advice being offered, then take it a step further: “I added section X as you suggested to the paper, and that inspired me to incorporate a story about Y as well”. You’ve not just taken the advice, you’ve built upon it. And then follow up and let them know what you did.

When it comes to influence, timing is a subtle, yet powerful partner.

Whether it’s a calculated pause before entering a room or choosing the perfect

moment to voice your support, how and when you act often speaks

louder than words.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where influence matters

take a moment.

Consider not just what to do, but when to do it.

That moment of reflection could be the key to unlocking a greater impact than

you ever imagined.

Let the power of timing be your guide and watch your influence grow.

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